1990 – Balagan – Urban Heaven

Balagan existed as a group for only a short period, but had a lasting effect on the Tel Aviv music scene at the time, further broadening the scope of the local mainstream. Two of the band members were better known than others – Yuval Messner, ex Tattoo, who was trying to salvage his career after serving a prison term and Dan Toren, who was already a teenage idol, as a TV and film actor. Still, the star of the band was the new girl, Dana Berger, a singer from Jerusalem who immediately became one of the hottest properties in the Israeli rock scene, thanks to her energetic vocals and looks. Together with a group of induvials who were soon to become prominent musicians in Israel – Yair Gat on bass, keyboard player Dror Margalit and both drummers, Gal Hadani, who was later replaced by Rea Mochiach – the band, with Messner’s music, created a combination of 70’s prog rock and the new sounds of the 90’s, rap, quasi-house and feminist texts. Several of the bands’ songs became radio hits. After a year of touring and recording the band split up, but all its members continue to make music even decades later.